Yoga is Not About Becoming a Follower

Yoga is not about becoming a follower. Yoga is about self-mastery. It is a commitment to learn “the self”. So, you are a student and the teacher is within. Your body is the educational institution itself.

We focus the mind so it can be used to observe ourselves, our relationship with ourselves, and our connection to our surroundings. As we continue to observe, our old conditioning gets challenged. Whatever beliefs that are false fall and our understanding is refined.This process is what we call “learning”. We naturally transition to a newer understanding of life and apply it wisely. By wisely, I mean for serving our highest intelligence.

Our highest intelligence is the most purified perception for it is least tainted by conditioning. We can perceive any moment of our life through various point-of-views, and the highest intelligence would be the point-of-view that is seeing the picture most clearly.

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