What I Learned from Italy

Italy taught me the importance of beauty in human life. Beauty has the power to calm the mind and connect us to the present moment. We are less likely to feel agitated and violent in a calming, beautiful environment.
However, our idea of beauty has become corrupt overtime. Beauty is not what pageants and some businesses feed us. True beauty has little to do with comparison. There is a more beautiful side to beauty.
True beauty is grounded in love and care. It’s role in human life is to bring healing and harmony. This is why it is very impactful when we take care of the space around us.
As with the individuals in our lives, our space needs the same authentic connection when we clean it. A space cared for from a place of comparison will not have the same energy as a space cared for out of love.

As the designer, Nate Berkus once said that your home should rise up to greet you, it should ground you in a sense of peace.

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