Your Integrity Isn’t for Others, It’s Your Third Eye

Your integrity isn’t for others, it’s for you. If you don’t have integrity you cannot trust yourself. It’s as simple as that. Integrity is like the two legs you stand on. It’s your relationship with yourself. If there’s no trust there, the relationship is toxic. It’s imbalanced. 

If your relationship with yourself is toxic then how can it be healthy with anyone else? Also, if you can’t stand on your own two feet of integrity then who can you lift?

You must have integrity and for that you must develop an honest relationship with yourself. This world is full of liars. Everyone’s lying to themselves. Your only chance of knowing the difference in someone’s lie or truth is through your own integrity. The quality of your integrity will determine how well you see in this world. It’s all an inside job.

This integrity is the third eye. It’s your ability to see within yourself clearly. It’s your ability to speak to yourself clearly. It’s your ability to act with yourself clearly. And, it’s your clarity with yourself that gets reflected outside of yourself.

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