Meditation and Yoga Are Stepping Stones Towards Something Else


The purpose of meditation is to train the mind. It trains the mind to stillness. When the mind reaches stillness, it can begin observing. Until then, it’s part of the world drama.

If your meditation isn’t training the mind to stillness, it is not meditation. If it’s fun, it’s probably not meditation. If you are dreaming up things, imagining, trying to manifest this and that, flying off into different dimensions, you are not meditating. You are doing some new-age meditation drama.

Real meditation changes who you are. It is an evolutionary process. You become aware of yourself as the thinker, dreamer, and doer.

It is not to manifest this or that. It is not to become rich and famous. It is not to design the mate or career of your dreams. All that is part of the drama the our mind thinks is life. Meditation is to understand life beyond the drama of this mind.


Similarly, your physical yoga practice (yoga asana) must connect you to your body, and your body to Earth.

You must become aware of your feet planted on this ground and the ground beneath your feet. It must make you aware of your connection, your relationship, and your aliveness. It must make you aware of your vulnerability and strength.

If you are using it just to serve your ego then it is not yoga, it is also just drama.

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