The Power of Your Mouth

Your “word” is ALL you really have in this life. Literally everything else will come and go.

Your words will carry you through the darkest of times. Your words will light the way for others. As long as your words are honest, they have the power to uplift you and others out of the worst misery.

The dishonesty present in your words will destroy you first. If you can’t stand by your words, if you can’t keep your words honest, then you are your own worst enemy.

It doesn’t matter how many people believe you. Your words are your relationship with yourself. Only you know if you are being honest or dishonest.

The play is within you. The war is within you. The victory is within you. The loss is also within you. You, yourself, are the punishment and the prize.

You either lose yourself or you win yourself…that is the choice you face with each word you speak. Your word is the cost of your breath.

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