Entitlement vs. Enlightenment

You don’t need gratitude journals!

What you need is to shed something that’s super ugly that exists in all of us. The ugliest thing about us is entitlement.

Let go of entitlement and you’ll find enlightenment.

Other than on the papers that we’ve given value to, where is it written that life owes us anything?

We literally have no idea where we popped on this planet from or where we are going, but we walk around with this absurd notion of being owed something for existing.

Nobility, humility, and respect come naturally when you understand that nothing is owed to you.

Not even your breath…not even this life.

You won’t need gratitude journals if you understand this simple fact. Your walk, your talk, your entire presence will become grateful…GREAT-FULL.

You will naturally bow down in awe at your own existence, your own greatness— the greatness of the fact that you have come to life.

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