There is Nothing More Worthy of Your Respect Than You

If you’re a female living in this world, you can forget about someone giving you respect if you don’t respect yourself. It’s just the state of the society that we have created.

What you’ve got to do is give yourself respect. Once you do that, it will no longer concern you if anyone respects you or not. People’s respect or disrespect towards you will not make an ounce of a difference in your life.

If you don’t respect yourself, you will spend your life running after respect. Good luck getting it!

I want you to hold yourself with absolute respect no matter how angry or stupid you feel. Never stop respecting yourself. Make self-respect non-negotiable.

Then see, if you end up in an abusive relationship or depression. You won’t. This is simply because you won’t attract people who have self-esteem issues. They’d rather find people who are gonna take that shit. They can’t be bothered with someone who respects herself.

It is very very very hard for anyone to treat you in a way that you aren’t willing to treat yourself.

Niki Kaur

And why shouldn’t you respect yourself? You are wearing the most graceful form in the universe. There is nothing more worthy of your respect than you yourself.

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