Time is Not Rushing

Time is not rushing, your mind is.

Still your mind, still your time.

Notice how slow time felt when we were children. Now, it feels like there is no time. Time hasn’t changed, but your mind has.

If you can lessen the amount of thoughts in a second, you can slow down time. The simplest way to do this is by guiding your attention to the breath.

Practicing any of the pranayama (breathing exercises) in yoga is like taking an eraser and sweeping the whiteboard clean. Instead of chasing a million thoughts, the focus is narrowed down to the breath and the breath is nothing but YOU.

As the mind settles on the breath, you notice the inhale, exhale, and the soft pauses in between.

As the mind settles even more, you notice each part of the breath being broken into even smaller segments.

So many seconds within an inhale. So many seconds within an exhale. An eternity hidden within a pause.

As your mind merges with the moment, time slows down almost to a pause. There is calmness. There is silence. There is you. And if you can manage to stay there long enough, even “you” disappear.

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