How Your Identity is Making You Feel Depressed and What You Can Do About It

Our identity is like a piece of clothing that we wear. We never learn to remove this identity so over time it accumulates. It attaches more stuff to itself.

It gets heavier and heavier and we start feeling depressed under its weight. Since we take that identity to be who we are, we never think of taking it off.

We get so sick and tired of it that we want to get rid of it — we want to get rid of ourselves. We just can’t live with ourselves anymore. What we really mean is that we can’t live with that “identity” anymore.

All we need to do is realize that we can take that identity off. We can take a break from it or remove it for good. It can feel so good.

In yoga, during shavasana and meditation, this is what we practice. We practice separating ourselves from the identity. As the practice strengthens, so does our ability to take off this heavy cloak of identity.

We feel lighter and happier. Much of our childlike light heartedness returns. We are no longer carrying this heavy weight of ideas, disappointments, dreams, expectations, etc.

We feel free because we free ourselves from some extra unnecessary baggage.

We have more energy because our energy is no longer being wasted on internal conflict.

Our intuitive power strengthens because we are no longer being bombarded with fearful thoughts.

We can connect with the highest intelligence…and we don’t need to go through a third party for that connection.

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