Meditation to Calm a Million Thoughts: Nothing Is Foreign So There’s Nothing to Fear

Lie down on your back. Relax your entire body one big area at a time.

Give up all efforts…even to breathe. Allow the breath to happen to you instead.

As all your weight transfers to the ground, you may feel weightless. Only the sensation of breathing will remain.

There is nothing to be done, just allow the inhale and exhale, and allow the thoughts.

You can allow them to pass through you. Just like your breath, they will also come and go.

You may notice that the thoughts are only about the past or future. But, they are just thoughts. Nothing more.

There is no need to fear. The thoughts are your thoughts.

Nothing is foreign. Everything is yours. Everything is a part of you. It’s your own creation being created of you.

Remind yourself that you can receive each thought, hold it, and let it go.

When you are done, watch your entire body filling up with breath once again. As you exhale, slightly open your mouth and let it go. Allow what needs to go to go. Trust that what needs to stay will remain.

Take a deep stretch and then embrace yourself. In your embrace is a human life…a rare opportunity to experience life through these eyes, ears, nose, and so on.

This opportunity is breathing in your embrace. This opportunity is beating in your embrace. You’ve embraced it, and it’s yours.

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