I Accepted That I Was Ugly and Found A Shortcut to Inner Peace

That’s right! Accepting that you are ugly and accepting that you will NEVER live up to the beauty standards is extremely empowering. Who knew?

It DOES NOT mean that you will stop taking care of yourself, or enjoying your physical image. Rather, you’ll feel free and able to enjoy your appearance without all the unnecessary pressure.

When you accept that you are ugly…or not pretty…or whatever, it will liberate you from the constant battle in your head. It will release you from the constant anxiety that the “idea of some ‘attainable’ yet always out of reach beauty standard” creates.

You will automatically stop comparing yourself with others. You will walk away from the rat-race that the world unconsciously subscribes to. How empowering is that!

So…what are you waiting for? Accept your ugliness. You’ll actually feel less ugly and more at peace with yourself.

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