As Long As We “Believe” in Scarcity, We Cannot Realize Abundance

In order to realize abundance, we must question our “belief” in scarcity. Is there really not enough food, water, air, or shelter on earth for everyone?

The reality is that the planet has MORE THAN enough. But, as long as we continue to believe in scarcity of these resources, we will naturally host greed within us (which is really just the survival instinct) and live in “lack” mindset.

Lack mindset is when we constantly fear in the back of all thoughts that there isn’t enough. It’s an underlying energy of anxiety that’s guiding our every move.

We go into relationships out of this fear. We stay in relationships out of this fear. We leave relationships out of this fear. We acquire things out of this fear. We hold on to things out of this fear. We discard of things out of this fear. We pursue activities out of this fear. We repeat activities out of this fear. We abandon activities about if this fear.

The key to realizing abundance is to get rid of the fear.

So long as the fear is there, it will guide our every move and keep us stuck in the loop of lack. Scarcity creates more scarcity. We act greedy out of scarcity. We hoard out of scarcity. We create lack for others out of our hoarding. Yet, we never have enough because “we believe” that there isn’t enough.

It is insane because it is linked to so much of our self-created suffering.

Our belief in this planet’s insufficiency and our distrust in life creates duality within us as a species. Because we think that there isn’t enough, we think of others as threats to our abundance. So, we view everything in terms of “them vs. us.” We might even sabotage others just to get what we think is ours. Thus, it is our belief in scarcity itself that causes us to remain in scarcity.

As with any “mind-made” fear, we must walk through what scares us in order to see its invalidity.

In order to fall out of that never-ending cyclone, we must remind ourselves of the proof that the planet is able to provide enough for everyone. As Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi once said, “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.” We must remind ourselves of this everyday, and in every decision where our lack mindset wants us to respond in a habitual way to a situation.

So, to come out of scarcity and into abundance, we must walk-the-walk. We must make decisions from a place within that challenge our belief in scarcity. Next time you find yourself competing, hoarding, etc., I hope you see it as an opportunity to ask yourself, “what belief is guiding my actions in this moment?”

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