Is Your Mind Telling You that You Have a Shitty Life?

Sometimes, the mind tells us that we have a shitty life and we feel panicked to do something about it. Here’s something I do that really helps me not go down the rabbit hole of depressive thoughts when my mind decides to inform me about my shitty life.

I have noticed two things: you can’t win the mind in its own game; and, what you resists persists. So, when my mind tells me that my life is shitty, I accept it.

I accept my shitty life…if that is what it is. I’d rather accept it than get caught up in the cycle of internal conflict that my mind is trying to engage me in.

Some lives are shitty and that is ok. We don’t all have to have fabulous lives. It’s not possible. We have the life that we are meant to have. Everything is not in our hands. If it was, I don’t think people would choose to be born disabled, in war zones, or go through abuse.

Some lives are shitty all the time, some lives are shitty sometimes, and some lives are shitty more often than not. I have yet to meet a life that was never shitty.

So, when the mind wants to make us feel more shitty about the shitty life, we can either accept life as it is or beat our head against a wall. Sometimes, we beat our head against the wall, but it ends when we accept life as it is…we feel calm and march on.

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