Glamorization of “Too Busy” to Keep Us Stupid

Anyone who wants to keep another from questioning his/her intentions will keep the person so busy that the person has no chance to think about what’s actually happening.

This is what the world’s elite do and this is what an abusive significant other does.

If you are being kept too busy and you keep subscribing to the “glamorization of busy”, you should know that you are probably being taken advantage of.

If you hear yourself trying to one-up on your friends or family about how busy you are, chances are that you are falling for the same old trick.

Sometimes we even do it to ourselves just to avoid facing the truth — we keep ourselves too busy to wake up and rock the boat.

Your only hope is to recognize it within yourself. No matter how much it hurts to recognize it, it is hurting you way more as long as you avoid it.

You are not only missing the chance to break out of abuse and grow, but also missing your chance to truly be happy and free to live your one and only life.

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