“To Live” Is To Go Through a “Spiritual Experience”

“To Live” Is To Go Through a “Spiritual Experience”. The entire thing is spiritual. There is literally nothing that is not spiritual, because the one who is going through it, is the spirit itself.

No matter what role you are playing at any time or space, YOU are the one who’s experiencing it. At no point can you stop yourself from being a spirit/soul and become something other than that.

You cannot turn the spiritual switch “on” when entering a place of worship and turn it “off” on your way out. There is no spiritual vs. non-spiritual. There is no more-spiritual and less-spiritual.

If there is a presence within the physical body that disappears while the body remains, that presence is the spirit— the unknown. That unknown is who we connect with in each other. That unknown is who we call ourselves. That unknown is everyone’s truth no matter what religion they choose to believe in.

Beliefs are only preferences, and not necessarily facts. The unknown is a fact of life, independent of our beliefs. None of us are above the reality that there is something more to us than the physical body. What story we want to give to that unknown is our belief. In this way, religion (a belief) is a spiritual experience, but a spiritual experience is not necessarily a religious experience.

So, nothing is non-spiritual. Everything relates to the spirit. Everything has to do with the spirit. You CANNOT ignore yourself. It’s impossible. You cannot NOT BE you.

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