Your First Commitment in Yoga: Create a Healing Environment for Yourself

The body is a physical form that we experience this planet through. When we are able to still the mind, we become aware of our presence within this physical form— we become aware of the fact that we are not the form but dwelling within it.

This physical form feels comfort and discomfort. One of our tasks as the dweller within this form is to honour the form. We must allow it comfort and protect it from discomfort, just as we would protect and love a pet.

This is part of yoga’s first principle of non-violence. We must be non-violent towards all beings, including ourselves.

This is why it makes no sense to sleep on a bed of nails, not shower for years, observe crazy fasts (like some yogis claim to do in India), mutilate our bodies, or tolerate toxic relationships (this one happens everywhere).

It doesn’t prove anything but our human naivety. It is our responsibility to our bodies to protect ourselves from all rituals and traditions that torture our bodies.

Our bodies are our temporary homes. We are beyond lucky to be in a human body. Our bodies are lovingly allowing us to experience this world. We must honour them in return. That is true worship. That is true love. That is true humility.

Our first responsibility to ourselves is to carve out a living situation that is physically safe and loving. Once we reach that point, our consciousness is free to unfold.

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