Yoga is Simple – No Superstitions, No Rituals, No Followers

I don’t believe in numerology, astrology, crystals, religions, competing with everyone, proving myself to anyone, popularity contests, mindless traveling, mindless creating, mindless exercising, aliens, dieting, being anyone’s follower, selling a commercialized/westernized/traditionalized idea of yoga or yoga products, and all the other bull that we are buying these days.

I am cautious of anyone who claims to work with other peoples energy and that sort of stuff. I don’t think we should be messing around with things that we don’t fully understand…not on other peoples bodies. Experiments on healing energy should be done on self, not others. At least not until we can fully grasp what life is.

Basically, you can call me a non-believer because I don’t believe in any of the above stuff. I’d play with some things but I wouldn’t jump off of cliffs because it told me to. I once refused to buy tarot cards that someone I respected suggested to me. She said that it will help me make decisions. I said “no thankyou!” because I knew that I’d never follow some random advice written on a random card by some random person at some random hour for some random circumstance.

From what I’ve witnessed in life, each circumstance is unique and requires our full participation and attention. We cannot hand off our responsibility to participate and observe to cards or other individuals.

What I do believe in is what most people don’t believe in. Or, I should say that they don’t put their faith in when it’s time. I believe in humility and honesty. These two have always been by my side through thick and thin. They are my best friends and my family. They are my therapists and my teachers. I’ll probably always be on the path to becoming more humble and honest…and that’s yoga.

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