You Have a Message from The Universe

I think this message is more important than ever before.

We need to do this for our children. We need to ground ourselves.

We should not take this message lightly. The message is of “grounding.” Just think about this word.

Grounding is not lightweight. It is not flying. It is not moving fast.

It is slowing down. It is settling down. It is “earthing.”

Earthing simply means reconnecting the conductive human body to the Earth’s natural and subtle surface electric charge, an effortless lifestyle activity that systemically influences the basic bioelectrical function of the body. Doing so surprisingly stabilizes the physiology, reduces inflammation, pain, and stress, improves sleep, blood flow, and lymphatic/venous return to the heart, and produces greater well-being.

Just as the water has turned into snow, and the hustle bustle’s made way for the silence, we must also settle down. We must take to the ground.

We must bow down and place an ear to our Mother Earth.

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