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How I Forgave People Who Never Apologized and Moved Forward By Myself

Often, beneath our sadness is anger, and beneath the anger is the feeling of being wronged by another.

We can carry this weight of hurt with us for years, or we can put it down right now.

How can we put it down when the party who’s hurt us isn’t ready to ask for forgiveness or they’re no longer around?

This is how I did it.

Instead of seeking apologies, I asked for forgiveness from myself.

That’s right! Instead of longing for an apology from someone else, WE can ask for forgiveness from ourselves.

No one else is needed for this process. We can do this without anyone else’s presence, permission, understanding, or acknowledgment.

Since no one else needs to be “readied” for this, we don’t need to wait for anyone. We only need to be ready ourselves to ASK, FEEL, and LISTEN.

It works because we are essentially just healing energy. Energy is neutral and it doesn’t actually belong to anyone. If the energy needs to be acknowledged and voiced, we can do that for it. It’s very empowering.

Even if we believe in karma and believe that we are in a hurtful karmic relationship with someone, then all that’s needed to stop the pendulum from swinging back-and-forth is for one person to heal the energy on their end. That’s what we are doing.

This works miraculously. It cleans our energy and we can walk on without all that unnecessary baggage of sadness and anger.

Just by closing our eyes and in conversation with ourselves, we can ask ourselves to forgive us.

We can say it as many times as it feels good. Yes! This actually feels really good.

Like a shit load of weight has been lifted off of our heart.

Also, this helps us lose the weight of those negative memories that we carry with us.

This is what I call real self-care.

2 responses to “How I Forgave People Who Never Apologized and Moved Forward By Myself”

  1. I never looked at it that way. I still have a couple of long-term grudges I’ve yet to let go, but asking it from myself seems like a great perspective to have on the matter. Thanks for this food for thought!

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    • Yes, it is very liberating to not need anyone else for the healing to occur and the energetic cycle is closed. Just takes humility and maturity to leave the prior conditioning we have received.


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