Impermanence: A Silent Healer

As I observe the moments passing by, this is what I see.

A breath is coming and a breath is going.

A second is coming and a second is going.

A thought is coming and a thought is going.

An idea is coming and an idea is going.

Memories are coming and memories are going.

Sleep is coming and sleep is going.

Hunger is coming and hunger is going.

A sound is approaching and a sound is receding.

Rain is coming, and rain is also going.

Wind is coming and wind is going.

Awareness for one thing is coming, while awareness of another thing is going.

Feelings are coming and feelings are going.

Memories are coming and memories are going.

Fear is coming and fear is going.

Sadness is coming and sadness is going.

A smile is coming and a smile is going.

Peace is coming and peace is going.

Anger is coming and anger is going.

Longing is coming and longing is going.

Excitement is coming and excitement is going.

Resentment is coming and resentment is going.

Possibilities are coming and possibilities are going.

Money is coming and money is going.

Everything is forming and everything is disintegrating.

One night is coming and a day is going.

One day is coming and a night is going.

An age is coming and an age is going.

Some relationships are forming while some relationships are dissolving.

Even physical sensations are arising…intensifying and they are also dissolving.


This is a characteristic of life. Everything is changing. Everything is moving. Everything is evolving. Or at least that’s how it appears to this human body.

When I forget this reality of life, I try to hold on to what is going and I try to resist what may be coming.

When I remember that impermanence is a characteristic of life, I have no choice but to accept. I no longer feel stuck in anxiety, fear, stress, frustration, etc. These emotions just come and go.

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