That’s Life

there is no them

there is no us

it’s time to turn all our fear

and anger into trust

send it to each part of our bodies

send it to every part we don’t love

send it to our planet

send it up above

for what we call our own

is borrowed

it might live to see another sunlight

or it might just turn to dust

our stories of gains and fails

mattered not to the test

all that mattered was if we recognized ourselves instead of losing our sight in vain

hidden deep in our shadows are words…

hidden deep in our 
shadows are words
we don't want to
say these words
become the terror
our little ones
can't escape for
they are faced with
demons who will
rape their little
bodies but only
guilt will stay in
their faces for
crimes they didn't
commit and tears
they didn't vomit
for they were used
in a horrible play
by monsters they
could not slay
because of words we
did not say