Being Self-full

Walk the path the universe laid out for you. Stay focused. Stay humble. Stay determined. Trust your body. Trust your intuition. Trust your decisions. Trust your intelligence. Respect your own boundaries. Don’t lie to yourself or to anyone else. These are all the things that I find very hard to do. Yet, everytime I doContinue reading “Being Self-full”

Before You Relate to the World, Relate to Your Security

“Your security is not your money, cars, clothes, social status, etc. It is nothing that can be lost. Anything that can be lost CANNOT give you security.” Before you relate to the world, relate to your security. Otherwise, you will create an insecure world around you. Relate to yourself, before you eat, shower, speak aContinue reading “Before You Relate to the World, Relate to Your Security”

How to Raise Yourself Into a Confident, Emotionally Independent, and Liberated Individual

Don’t worry about detaching yourself from things. Don’t worry about liberating yourself. The more you try, the more you’ll feel attached. All that is fruitless. There is a faster way and it works. Get honest with yourself. Earnestly commit yourself to your honesty. As you get honest, you will learn, you will understand. Understanding willContinue reading “How to Raise Yourself Into a Confident, Emotionally Independent, and Liberated Individual”

Don’t count on me falling…

don’t count on me falling, i’m not a star the sun paints me in colours while the moon watches from afar my soul is a fire that burns without a desire don’t be mistaken, i’m alone but not forsaken i know that there’s no one quite like me i am earth