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  • Life: Why Do We Walk This Dead-End Path?

    Life: Why Do We Walk This Dead-End Path?

    Did you know that our entire galaxy is traveling in space? It isn’t just existing in one spot but moving onward in the vast universe. The entire bloody thing is moving. Within that galaxy, our solar system is revolving. Within the solar system, our planet Earth is revolving. As if that wasn’t dizzying enough, Earth […]

  • Still Mothers

    Still Mothers

  • Grace on Earth

    Grace on Earth

    newly married shipped off miles away left her blessed childhood behind looked upon the fierce patriarchal structures of men and women awaiting her arrival soon to be demolished by the fire in her heart and crown on her head because she could sense that seeds from her tree won’t need solid structures based on fear […]

  • Still Here

    Still Here

    and you do not wonder what is a woman and why is this phenomena still here

  • to stay

    to stay

    the poison you drink each day by day turns into your bones your face your eyes your hair the one you keep wrapped in glory by the story you tell yourself day by day for the poison you drink to stay