Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, Words are Just As Damaging

Think about how a negative comment in the morning affects you for the rest of the day. Now imagine if that comment was actually a positive, loving one. The same power of words can be flipped to work for us instead of against us. Give yourself a compliment in the morning—anything loving, and TAKE THEContinue reading “Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, Words are Just As Damaging”

There is Nothing More Worthy of Your Respect Than You

If you’re a female living in this world, you can forget about someone giving you respect if you don’t respect yourself. It’s just the state of the society that we have created. What you’ve got to do is give yourself respect. Once you do that, it will no longer concern you if anyone respects youContinue reading “There is Nothing More Worthy of Your Respect Than You”

Entitlement vs. Enlightenment

You don’t need gratitude journals! What you need is to shed something that’s super ugly that exists in all of us. The ugliest thing about us is entitlement. Let go of entitlement and you’ll find enlightenment. Other than on the papers that we’ve given value to, where is it written that life owes us anything?Continue reading “Entitlement vs. Enlightenment”

Practicing Yoga Means Being Picky

Practicing yoga means being picky. You’ve got to start using your ability to say “yes” and “no.” It requires guts, and that’s what we are strengthening. We are strengthening your will power, your self-awareness, your resolve. I ask you to chant “om” out loud in the beginning and ending of class. I do this toContinue reading “Practicing Yoga Means Being Picky”

Time is Not Rushing

Time is not rushing, your mind is. Still your mind, still your time. Notice how slow time felt when we were children. Now, it feels like there is no time. Time hasn’t changed, but your mind has. If you can lessen the amount of thoughts in a second, you can slow down time. The simplestContinue reading “Time is Not Rushing”