The Only Way Through is Through Your Own Heart

We often run to others for answers because we don’t want to make a mistake. But, the right answer is never outside of us so it can never be found out there.

The right answer requires that we sit through our discomfort with and fear of ourselves. It requires us to ask ourselves the questions and then take the risk of listening to ourselves.

This is what “following the heart” is all about. No saint, yogi, spiritual guide, life coach, therapist, or friend knows. Only the heart knows.

The only way through is through your own heart.

Being Self-full

Walk the path the universe laid out for you. Stay focused. Stay humble. Stay determined. Trust your body. Trust your intuition. Trust your decisions. Trust your intelligence. Respect your own boundaries. Don’t lie to yourself or to anyone else.

These are all the things that I find very hard to do. Yet, everytime I do them, they set me back on track to being my best self to MYSELF.

Our relationship with ourselves is the foundation of all our relationships; how we treat ourselves is how we treat everyone and everything outside of ourselves. Moreover, how we treat ourselves is how we allow others to treat us.

So, the best way to shift our life’s trajectory is to make the change at the core of “how” we are with ourselves. Everything else adjusts accordingly.

just for me

my creator is in love with me 

and i am falling in love with him

in all my pursuits, in all my longings

he was the tug tugging at my heart

i didn’t know

in every eye, in every heart, i peered

without a clue, key, lock, door

like a mad woman i searched

a missing piece to complete a body that was whole

whispers swirled my heart, a gaze warmed my presence

but i was blind to things i couldn’t see

storms cleared my sight and i saw without eyes 

amidst every chaos, an arm lovingly held me

a body engulfed me, saving me from myself

saving me from this world

why, an invisible hand moves mountains

and winds, just for me

if not for love

That’s Life

there is no them

there is no us

it’s time to turn all our fear

and anger into trust

send it to each part of our bodies

send it to every part we don’t love

send it to our planet

send it up above

for what we call our own

is borrowed

it might live to see another sunlight

or it might just turn to dust

our stories of gains and fails

mattered not to the test

all that mattered was if we recognized ourselves instead of losing our sight in vain