Beautiful One!

Oh beautiful one!You were not born to please this worldYou have a greater purposeRise to your challengeRaise us all to a higher understandingSo we learn the difference between a woman and a “piece”Rise, rise, rise above your own allureYou are a leader, so you must leadSpeak, not to please but to seek truthIntuition will guideContinue reading “Beautiful One!”

You are Not Lazy, You Lack Momentum

Most likely, you are not lazy. What you lack is an emotional connection to what you are (supposed to be) doing. You can overcome this obstacle with one simple step: imagine succeeding at the task. If you imagine the negative outcome, it will weigh your energy down. Imagine a positive outcome. It will give youContinue reading “You are Not Lazy, You Lack Momentum”

The Only Way Through is Through Your Own Heart

We often run to others for answers because we don’t want to make a mistake. But, the right answer is never outside of us so it can never be found out there. The right answer requires that we sit through our discomfort with and fear of ourselves. It requires us to ask ourselves the questionsContinue reading “The Only Way Through is Through Your Own Heart”