Why Yoga Focuses on Gut, Spine, and Breath

You are not here to build empires or leave legacies. You are here to connect with your body and breath, and then surpass it. You are here to evolve. Your core is paramount in this process. What is your core? Your “gut” and “spine”. Your heart and brain depend on your core in order toContinue reading “Why Yoga Focuses on Gut, Spine, and Breath”

How to Raise Yourself Into a Confident, Emotionally Independent, and Liberated Individual

Don’t worry about detaching yourself from things. Don’t worry about liberating yourself. The more you try, the more you’ll feel attached. All that is fruitless. There is a faster way and it works. Get honest with yourself. Earnestly commit yourself to your honesty. As you get honest, you will learn, you will understand. Understanding willContinue reading “How to Raise Yourself Into a Confident, Emotionally Independent, and Liberated Individual”

In Order to Give Light, One Must First Burn

Did you know that earth’s population reached 1 billion in 200,000 years? That was in 1804. After that, within 200 years it reached 7 billion. Today, it is approximately 7.6 billion. Most of this population is running towards the basic things: money, success, respect, love, marriage, and kids. That’s more than 7 billion people runningContinue reading “In Order to Give Light, One Must First Burn”

I Don't Know…and That's Okay!

I don’t know. Many years ago, this was the phrase on my phone wallpaper and I’ll never forget why. I had been dealing with a highly stressful situation for months. One day, I stumbled upon what someone had crafted as a funny phone wallpaper. It stopped me dead in my tracks. As I read theContinue reading “I Don't Know…and That's Okay!”

Fascinating Life

Did you know that our entire galaxy is traveling in space? It isn’t just existing in one spot but moving onward in the vast universe. The entire bloody thing is moving. Within that galaxy, our solar system is revolving. Within the solar system, our planet Earth is revolving. As if that wasn’t dizzying enough, EarthContinue reading “Fascinating Life”