The Only Way Through is Through Your Own Heart

We often run to others for answers because we don’t want to make a mistake. But, the right answer is never outside of us so it can never be found out there.

The right answer requires that we sit through our discomfort with and fear of ourselves. It requires us to ask ourselves the questions and then take the risk of listening to ourselves.

This is what “following the heart” is all about. No saint, yogi, spiritual guide, life coach, therapist, or friend knows. Only the heart knows.

The only way through is through your own heart.

Why Yoga Focuses on Gut, Spine, and Breath

You are not here to build empires or leave legacies. You are here to connect with your body and breath, and then surpass it. You are here to evolve.

Your core is paramount in this process. What is your core? Your “gut” and “spine”. Your heart and brain depend on your core in order to function properly.

When you breathe better, you think better. The clarity of your breath affects the clarity of your brain.

Most of us have gut, spinal, and breathing issues. Most of us don’t know it!


remnants of a prostitute

seek to exploit

an object to be of service

to justify

an existence she must have lived

in these bones some time

sold them hollow

to make a home

even today he survives

dark alleys of my mind

anxious to bring justice

to being alive

like a table that’s come to life

he seeks a purpose beyond herself

a salvation that never arrives


it’s in your eyes

i see an ocean

one i dive in

one that calls my soul

one that scares me

one that’ll take me whole

it’s in my eyes