If You Rush Your Healing, You’ll Miss the Point

If you rush your healing, you’ll definitely miss the point. Give it more importance than what “you and other people” will think of you, and you’ll waste less time repeating the same lessons.

Fascinating Life

Did you know that our entire galaxy is traveling in space? It isn’t just existing in one spot but moving onward in the vast universe. The entire bloody thing is moving. Within that galaxy, our solar system is revolving. Within the solar system, our planet Earth is revolving. As if that wasn’t dizzying enough, Earth is also rotating on its axis. 

Think about that, the next time you sit down and swirl your cup of tea. You are this teeny tiny dot sitting on Earth while you are moving through space in so many directions all at once. Your entire perception of being stationary is an illusion. We are all tiny specs travelling on Earth and we have no idea where to.

So, what is the point of all this? The only end we seem to know of 100% is death. So, why live? Why walk this dead end path, literally? I think that this is the most fascinating question we can ask ourselves. It can lead us to evolve or drive ourselves insane. This question is the beginning of what I call “yoga.” It is a human’s journey of understanding life. It is science, religion, meditation, and everything else.



we give so much importance to opinions

they change minds

slip through hands

from one to another

fleeting thoughts


unknown to themselves

how they formed

they don’t know

with simple whispers

soft blows

they betray their own mothers

to be swallowed by bottomless holes

still our hearts are heavily burdened

by opinions weighed in gold