There is Nothing More Worthy of Your Respect Than You

If you’re a female living in this world, you can forget about someone giving you respect if you don’t respect yourself. It’s just the state of the society that we have created. What you’ve got to do is give yourself respect. Once you do that, it will no longer concern you if anyone respects youContinue reading “There is Nothing More Worthy of Your Respect Than You”

Entitlement vs. Enlightenment

You don’t need gratitude journals! What you need is to shed something that’s super ugly that exists in all of us. The ugliest thing about us is entitlement. Let go of entitlement and you’ll find enlightenment. Other than on the papers that we’ve given value to, where is it written that life owes us anything?Continue reading “Entitlement vs. Enlightenment”

Beautiful One!

Oh beautiful one!You were not born to please this worldYou have a greater purposeRise to your challengeRaise us all to a higher understandingSo we learn the difference between a woman and a “piece”Rise, rise, rise above your own allureYou are a leader, so you must leadSpeak, not to please but to seek truthIntuition will guideContinue reading “Beautiful One!”

If I Pay Attention, This is What I See

If I pay attention This is what I see An oxidization of dreams A set-in of reality There is comfort only in what IS Instead of an imagined possibility But, neither these things, nor people are mine Not even these senses are a part of me Even “I” am not my own Nor will IContinue reading “If I Pay Attention, This is What I See”