Practicing Yoga Means Being Picky

Practicing yoga means being picky. You’ve got to start using your ability to say “yes” and “no.” It requires guts, and that’s what we are strengthening. We are strengthening your will power, your self-awareness, your resolve. I ask you to chant “om” out loud in the beginning and ending of class. I do this toContinue reading “Practicing Yoga Means Being Picky”

I Do Not Compete

In this world where we are programmed to behave like rats, I refuse. I refuse to treat this body, this being, this beautiful presence as anything that it is not. In this world where we are programmed to behave like someone’s chickens, I hold myself with love. In this world where we are programmed toContinue reading “I Do Not Compete”

Beautiful One!

Oh beautiful one!You were not born to please this worldYou have a greater purposeRise to your challengeRaise us all to a higher understandingSo we learn the difference between a woman and a “piece”Rise, rise, rise above your own allureYou are a leader, so you must leadSpeak, not to please but to seek truthIntuition will guideContinue reading “Beautiful One!”

Time is Not Rushing

Time is not rushing, your mind is. Still your mind, still your time. Notice how slow time felt when we were children. Now, it feels like there is no time. Time hasn’t changed, but your mind has. If you can lessen the amount of thoughts in a second, you can slow down time. The simplestContinue reading “Time is Not Rushing”