Hello! My name is Niki. Welcome to my page!

On this page I will be sharing my art and insights from a very interesting and rewarding yoga journey. Please like the page if it is something you enjoy. :0)

Yoga, for me, is an absolute dedication towards understanding life. To experience truth, it seems reasonable that nature requires one to become truth herself. Hence, for years, I struggled to undo my conditioning and face fears that stood in my path towards honesty. In fact, facing my fear of rejection and shame is the reason for sharing these words with you.

One of the many gifts this journey has shared with me is the importance in trusting life and life alone, even over myself. Through different challenges, I noticed that this one thought has the power to ground me. Even if I lose myself in the craziest of emotional storms, this thought leads me to the “eye of the storm”, hence it has become my tag line.

I hope the above bit gives some clarity on my point of view and my work. I would love to answer more questions or receive ideas on what to write about. So, please feel free to send me a message.

Thank you!