About me

Born in India and raised in Canada, I was exposed to a myriad of cultures and social expressions. All of these experiences shaped who I am today as a yoga teacher. Below, I recount some of these pivotal experiences.

At a young age, I started exploring deep thoughts and playing with contradictory beliefs.

I didn’t understand how a God who no one had seen looked the way we believed “it” did. I also didn’t understand if God made us all then how could one person be superior to another. I wondered how “the most powerful entity in the entire universe who created anything’s and everything” could have an enemy. Having something that could fight against God made God…not the most powerful force. Also, having an enemy or so called evil force that was opposing God meant that God didn’t create it…hence God was not the creator of all. I wondered why the most powerful entity called God, who had the power over all of us not use this power to stop us from doing hurtful things.

Adults seemed to accept such odd ideas without questioning them. As I grew in age, so did my curiosity about these fundamental questions.

Curious about life and human nature, I was intrigued by all spiritual and psychological ideas. I was drawn to ideas that challenged the normal world views.

So, as soon as I could understand and do my own research, I started reading and dissecting ideas.

Works written by Guru Nanak, a 15th century progressive scholar from India, encouraged me to question everything and relinquish superstitious rituals. Exploring his works freed me from being bound to religious dogmas.

Gary Zukav’s book, “The Seat of the Soul,” first opened my mind up to understanding myself and life as energy forms.

While attending a summer youth camp, I encountered Kundalini yoga as led by Yogi Bhajan. At some point while lying flat on the ground in silence, I connected with something—my awareness.

The hours of chanting would gently rock my mind to sleep and in its absence, I would connect to the sense of BEING deep within.

It was also at this camp that I was introduced to mantras. I honestly feel that this was one of the most uplifting tool that I learned. Through mantras I broke out of some major abusive and self-limiting patterns. I can‘t say that I understand the power of the word “wah-hey-gu-ru” but I definitely experienced something very powerful through it.

Next, “A New Earth,” a book by Eckhart Tolle blew my mind as it unveiled the complexity of my own ego. As I read this book, I did what I do. I tested it out on myself and my lovely humans.

I saw the power of my mental conditioning and how much it had me fooled. The book gave me mental strength to humbly back out of arguments with my self-respect and compassion intact.

As I finished thirstily slurping every word of Eckhart Tolle’s book, I stumbled onto Vipassana, a Buddhist meditation practice.

This intense meditation is practiced at a beautiful campsite in complete isolation and noble silence for 10 days…consecutively.

It was like being in a solitary confinement cell for 10 days with all my crazy personalities and occasional video lectures by the teacher, S. N. Goenka.

As I learned to sit through every urge to twitch, scratch, scream, talk, or abort mission, I got deeply acquainted with what we naively call “our mind.”

To be continued…


Yoga Teacher

I am an intuitive and I teach yoga.

My goal is to help my students achieve mental and physical strength to overcome personal challenges.

Public Speaker

I speak at corporate events to educate and inspire individuals to rebuild a healthy relationship with themselves.

I feel that our relationship with ourselves is the nucleus from which all other relationships develop. When we heal this relationship and create healthy boundaries, the effects of it vibrate out into our environment.

By learning to connect with ourselves we create real self-confidence which brings better focus and a more productive presence in our work.

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