What I Learned from Italy

Italy taught me the importance of beauty in human life. Beauty has the power to calm the mind and connect us to the present moment. We are less likely to feel agitated and violent in a calming, beautiful environment.However, our idea of beauty has become corrupt overtime. Beauty is not what pageants and some businesses … Continue reading What I Learned from Italy

That’s Life

there is no them there is no us it’s time to turn all our fear and anger into trust send it to each part of our bodies send it to every part we don’t love send it to our planet send it up above for what we call our own is borrowed it might live … Continue reading That’s Life

Shooting Star

This is one of the meditations that I’ve been incorporating into my yoga classes lately. It’s amazing how the presence in a room changes as soon as I say these words. There is a silence that arises, a sense of peace, and a feeling of deep connection with each other. Often, I say them when … Continue reading Shooting Star