Fascinating Life

Did you know that our entire galaxy is traveling in space? It isn’t just existing in one spot but moving onward in the vast universe. The entire bloody thing is moving. Within that galaxy, our solar system is revolving. Within the solar system, our planet Earth is revolving. As if that wasn’t dizzying enough, Earth is also rotating on its axis. 

Think about that, the next time you sit down and swirl your cup of tea. You are this teeny tiny dot sitting on Earth while you are moving through space in so many directions all at once. Your entire perception of being stationary is an illusion. We are all tiny specs travelling on Earth and we have no idea where to.

So, what is the point of all this? The only end we seem to know of 100% is death. So, why live? Why walk this dead end path, literally? I think that this is the most fascinating question we can ask ourselves. It can lead us to evolve or drive ourselves insane. This question is the beginning of what I call “yoga.” It is a human’s journey of understanding life. It is science, religion, meditation, and everything else.

The Magnificence That Is Your Mind

If you’ve ever tried to change your emotions or thoughts, you know that it can be next to impossible. I spent a great deal of time studying my own mind to see who was really in control, and this is the story of what I experienced. 

Rather than trying to win my mind in a mindgame, I tried to raise my understanding. I found that I couldn’t change my emotions; they depended on my thoughts. I couldn’t change my thoughts; they depended on my beliefs. Since my beliefs were the power house, the force behind “me” being “like me”, I sat down with my beliefs and had a conversation.

Photo by Rafael Guajardo on Pexels.com

Even my beliefs couldn’t believe what happened next. Most of my core beliefs realized that they were fraud— they didn’t even belong to me. They were just hand-me-downs from family, society, culture, religion, etc. Some were so old that they were happy to retire. Others couldn’t withstand the cross-examination.

But there was a whole network of beliefs. Beliefs that didn’t believe that I could survive without beliefs. Beliefs that helped me fit in. Beliefs waiting to replace the old beliefs. Beliefs about love, shame, expectations, etc. Beliefs that had whole life stories dedicated to them, such as, life cannot be trusted, or life is a race. Most of the beliefs were fearful and holding themselves trapped in fear.

Understanding the power of these core beliefs and their lack of validity helped weaken their power over me.

It was the only way to get out of the passenger seat, and into the driver seat of my own life.

I let my mind be free of beliefs as much as I could. Although I couldn’t just get rid of all beliefs at once, the little pockets of emptiness I created day-by-day allowed more room to breathe, experiment, and change. More importantly, it allowed me to hear my own voice— a whisper to trust life and follow joy.

Chan Chara, JaJa – Tropical Bird Club