The Only Way Through is Through Your Own Heart

We often run to others for answers because we don’t want to make a mistake. But, the right answer is never outside of us so it can never be found out there.

The right answer requires that we sit through our discomfort with and fear of ourselves. It requires us to ask ourselves the questions and then take the risk of listening to ourselves.

This is what “following the heart” is all about. No saint, yogi, spiritual guide, life coach, therapist, or friend knows. Only the heart knows.

The only way through is through your own heart.

Why There is No Hustle in Yoga

The difference between a student and a non-student is that a non-student is trying to achieve something and a student is trying to achieve nothing. A student has one understanding: nothing can be achieved. A student knows that there is nothing to be achieved. A student has tried and learned this. She is simply allowing the teachings to be absorbed as they come. There is no hustle about it!

Becoming a Student is a Milestone

Becoming a student is a very important milestone. We aren’t born a student. We have to reach that state and it’s reached naturally. After we’ve tried all our tactics and cleverness and realized that nothing is working. Nothing is working to satisfy that deep deep longing in the heart.

It is after we are burned and burned and burned some more from all our avidya (ignorance of truth) that we reach a point of surrender. We may have cooked (metaphorically) for lifetimes until we are finally done and want the truth and nothing but the truth.

We reach a point when we say, “Money, sex, power, worldly knowledge, fame, respect, etc…nothing is doing it for me. I am not here for all these things, I am here for something else. There’s got to be more to this life.”

This is what makes us willing to drop it all and walk-in empty handed. This is when we are truly ready to receive that which CANNOT BE ACHIEVED.

So, first, we enter each day to become a student. Once we’ve fully surrendered to being a student, then the learning begins.

Yoga is Not About Becoming a Follower

Yoga is not about becoming a follower. Yoga is about self-mastery. It is a commitment to learn “the self”. So, you are a student and the teacher is within. Your body is the educational institution itself.

We focus the mind so it can be used to observe ourselves, our relationship with ourselves, and our connection to our surroundings. As we continue to observe, our old conditioning gets challenged. Whatever beliefs that are false fall and our understanding is refined.This process is what we call “learning”. We naturally transition to a newer understanding of life and apply it wisely. By wisely, I mean for serving our highest intelligence.

Our highest intelligence is the most purified perception for it is least tainted by conditioning. We can perceive any moment of our life through various point-of-views, and the highest intelligence would be the point-of-view that is seeing the picture most clearly.